Word cluster viewer

Word cluster viewer.

Cluster path (and word type count) Words (most frequent)
^C2 (113) pointed carry carrying carried broke pointing breaks straighten dished duc straightening wipe
^C3 (179) on for with by from between into over about through against among toward within around concerning upon behind governing involving
^C4 (264) is are was were became
^C5 (842) beijing order today present yuan fact accordance 2000 addition 1999 particular home mind 1998 yesterday 1992 washington 2001 1997 answer least 1996 1995 connection 1993 moscow 1994 geneva tokyo zhongnanhai permission observers comparison lhasa peacetime succession 1972 1991 accordingly pyongyang 1979 seoul authorization beidaihe contrast 1978 2002 relation detail bj
^C6 (1170) economic political foreign international social strategic scientific financial socialist relevant joint ideological friendly bilateral technological legal democratic regional mutual cultural agricultural nuclear administrative domestic criminal modern internal religious technical traditional spiritual urban ethnic illegal judicial natural theoretical structural mass educational environmental legislative grassroots medical electronic ecological operational revolutionary fiscal private
^C7 (119) -
^C8 (952) development situation century interests masses reunification period role leadership progress part understanding thinking results achievements position strategy task changes tasks stage principles nature job significance trend experience manner goal demands improvement road success influence guidance direction functions experiences concept mission advantage initiative advantages method lives freedom requirement ideology prospects situations
^C9 (301) ) percent billion million july march april june august october september january february november mar jun december apr jul meters feb aug ribao percentage chan % km jan kilometers trillion nov sep oct dec minutes mu tons tonnes kg
^C10 (95) that : here
^C11 (577) one high long large full early total small higher official clear low deep short top free average trial clean wide little late single earlier double honest fixed hot informed root passing black dead green b brand wartime suspected soft larger de closing macro
^C12 (311) so such well possible far soon much ever quickly sure follows serves shortly reserving
^C13 (180) it we he they there i you she everyone
^C14 (115) of
^C15 (223) as after when if since while because before like where although though despite until
^C16 (452) opening set put step open speed laid push run bringing looking setting cut break putting crack draw stepping sum pushing speeding drawn drawing hit cracking stepped breaking tiananmen closed laying sets leap summing pushed cast summed cracked sit slow catch shake easing cutting runs drew shot marching shaking puts catching
^C17 (546) first last past same whole following provincial communist outside ninth next middle entire above 10th vast draft ruling largest previous plenary municipal 15th republican near highest biggest tenth mother southeast contemporary federal younger 80th overwhelming upper seventh eighth 50th 16th sole missing yuanhua 11th remaining older rmb memorial aforementioned islamic
^C18 (459) building level quality practice line day point rate exercise style class income objective value generation school discussion ground enforcement standard drive rule effect range battle account test institute type duty assets target crime fire performance model warning age board volume cost heart vote gathering plant carrier undertaking night river site
^C19 (142) united central standing korean territorial olympic lai
^C20 (531) not also further always fully already actively seriously never clearly gradually firmly effectively vigorously strictly constantly completely continuously resolutely jointly conscientiously comprehensively properly greatly really successfully certainly immediately truly basically repeatedly earnestly deeply continually thoroughly finally correctly openly consistently often strongly definitely profoundly personally extensively persistently surely severely eventually frequently
^C21 (469) the our
^C22 (1079) independence authorities falungong province compatriots businessmen practitioners mongolia gong arafat legislators addicts nd dafa confederation patriot god transit angeles forbearance jr. consummation diehard huaren hawk shenzhou disciples uygur canonization truthfulness massacre 863 arabia practitioner diehards siew bottleneck unilateralism leftist
^C23 (207) " '
^C24 (458) countries years sides region areas council levels systems times regions parties fields days localities korea peoples kinds union aspects provinces nationalities months sectors forms places types parts occasions shrine america hours counties sessions generations waters decades quarters civilizations councilor associations walks islands spheres categories sorts shores degrees armies stages chinas
^C25 (1851) made held expressed taken used reached established given took met adopted conducted increased attended achieved issued brought signed led caused gave done involved provided found changed paid left started improved launched created played aimed implemented sent published raised received organized seen strengthened entered delivered built promoted arrived discussed engaged won
^C26 (592) economy cadres members leaders office theory congress officials characteristics troops governments missiles court comrades opinion deputies experts representatives reporters house students entry thought territory ambassador wars unification persons residents representative academy figures citizens assembly bodies body headquarters cults allies criminals courts economies gdp airspace procuratorate fighters congresses dignity elections festival
^C27 (828) time them him themselves place regard ago hand itself example himself date consideration priority everything month learning ourselves trouble instance me respects anything bribes shape week farmland everywhere reference decade else yongtu sentence 2005 2010 indefinitely superpower oneself herself fyp accountable pleasure happens
^C28 (1122) number spirit basis end process cause session implementation course requirements view needs establishment republic sense purpose beginning terms series half light charge kind amount majority founding anniversary idea degree name scope heads invitation pace aim promotion numbers lot lack path capable essence contingent conclusion aspect banner realization loss violation evening
^C29 (499) work law market construction management power personnel training investment growth control research production exchange modernization capital inspection working service protection aircraft operation knowledge planning interest network safety command field base supply approval budget restructuring price distribution fund employment consumption product starting village prevention aid import effectiveness output weapon weaponry gas
^C30 (56) . ; ?
^C31 (499) said stressed hope believe asked shows say saying hopes visited indicated maintained noted emphasized proposed says added learned think announced know stated hoped told showed reported holds believed feel urged believes meets revealed reiterated mean proved claimed briefed felt welcomed declared adding demanded disclosed thanked answered proven saw suggested aware
^C32 (498) only still even being now just again then recently once yet having mainly particularly closely directly currently actually later rapidly becoming absolutely something respectively nothing getting indeed generally smoothly either precisely worth totally acting almost neither naturally steadily obviously merely helped simply separately wholeheartedly entirely suddenly exactly originally politically forever
^C33 (413) more very most better extremely highly quite too rather relatively less increasingly longer lower mutually newly fairly undergoing comparatively worse
^C34 (1479) make do take develop promote strengthen improve give implement see ensure maintain enhance establish build hold understand create achieve provide pay meet get expand seek keep resolve realize handle raise prevent uphold safeguard adopt find win protect solve let serve follow stop join accept reach oppose include discuss enter encourage
^C35 (221) ( -- than article $ nearly no. bao below totaling approximately us$ nt$ totaled p
^C36 (125) has have had
^C37 (348) people government country army side nation navy communists women man embassy paper pilot senate americans newspaper crew guests parliament
^C38 (1011) zhu zhang wei wu sun wen lu chi yang xu shi fu huang zeng yu chang tung lin guo han song su feng ho xiang xiao tian ding jin ming cao liang qi dong yan yao yoshiro tao colin fan wan junichiro hsu min tong jing hua hao ting ching
^C39 (42) to
^C40 (114) three hong human legitimate mini kyoto ji hree rogue
^C41 (1573) reform peace science history society life laws friendship officers socialism corruption sovereignty peasants facts money cities difficulties agriculture unity investigation rules reality prosperity dialogue democracy reforms words population confidence examination schools aggression exports finance children justice poverty talent statistics equality legislation rectification food taxes religion ideals difficulty farmers families investigations
^C42 (788) support use study increase play change bring help go conduct form stand face turn act respect lead show focus deal move guarantee advance attack benefit grasp guide start launch share fight look death stress participate talk learn engage live produce call exist strike spread rely link persist proceed master split
^C43 (299) issue policy principle war affairs administration group city ministry leader media delegation project sea summit election status county university association island bank liberation constitution division collision federation framework movement sar authority airport regiment declaration district municipality gang branch cabinet textbook secretariat bombing port communique prefecture explosion coast regime hotel olympics
^C44 (222) 's
^C45 (997) relations system enterprises forces force departments plan activities units department industry organizations conference organization resources commission structure products organs strength ties plane projects bureau industries groups company operations program center circles services treaty companies standards sales unit markets capability revolution elements capacity facilities warfare planes prices exercises partnership sector banks
^C46 (298) security defense air missile cult health artillery naval abm fighter ownership millennium consultative language aviation theater nationality mobilization ocean welfare raid frontier catholic destroyer rightwing counterpart
^C47 (682) year strait term scale bian hui owned round tech depth roots earth straits reaching sized il neighborly chung funded hwa intensive immolation wing neighborliness leninism governmental grade aged polarization hsiung
^C48 (251) in at under during without
^C49 (581) party world cpc mainland future wto npc motherland dprk east cppcc west core prc pla enemy rok internet dpp eu dalai kmt apec kuomintang spring arats latter renminbi gulf sef motions mainstream cmc
^C50 (1884) zemin peng shui teng xiaoping hongzhi qichen jintao jiaxuan zedong lanqing ruihuan chong kejie gan shuibian ying w. zhaoxing fei tae qinglin chunyun changchun ping yong changqing zhongyu tieying xianglong soong yun daohan zhaoguo denghui guangya guofang ke xuanping shubei yunlin chunwang ing jong angang shaomin qizheng
^C51 (145) kong rights represents links stresses protocol gorges noes beings defenses
^C52 (96) will should must can would may cannot could did shall does might
^C53 (225) jiang li chen wang lee hu deng tang liu qian mao kim zhou cheng zhao ma luo george jia zheng gao shen ye dai xie tsai james du xiong chiang bai
^C54 (100) states committee nations committees front integrity peninsula games lama clique
^C55 (1748) new important great good major basic own special common advanced current strong key overall fundamental peaceful serious historical certain main comprehensive positive effective big close direct greater correct global real practical complete broad stable actual healthy specific rapid 21st guiding favorable normal outstanding successful existing active best profound firm personal
^C56 (156) up forward down off along back away forth square counter aside
^C57 (323) cross sino five anti asia self non medium grass g multi mid re hi pro inter f ep e co semi kidd audio sub pre flesh trans sci twenty ultra
^C58 (809) chinese us national public leading japanese local russian old un american young evil civil white senior supreme presidential tibetan indian principal palestinian red marxist israeli ordinary u.s. british ballistic ranking vietnamese french german heretical talented iraqi intermediate parliamentary blue famous retired lasting
^C59 (1319) all both many developing making promoting different strengthening whether taking improving implementing using doing handling maintaining increasing seeking safeguarding facing studying holding establishing giving enhancing visiting conducting expanding protecting providing creating achieving supporting ensuring upholding raising realizing deepening keeping launching opposing resolving perfect changing running serving joining advancing preventing winning
^C60 (281) general vice deputy overseas chief former staff prime executive permanent per capita assistant frank accompanying rear concurrently zhuang lieutenant fm alternate moftec honorary consul procurator consulate
^C61 (442) president chairman secretary minister member comrade premier director spokesman head instead commander behalf governor mayor professor annette mr. thousands speaker secretaries chairmen regardless manager commissar hsieh spokeswoman editor tens none delegate dozens senator admiral economist dr.
^C62 (340) efforts visit way attention importance need right opportunity effort ability accession contributions return opposition welcome attempt threat rise trip wish thanks bid wishes response challenge steps harm regards failure determination intention subject solution approach enough expression contribution desire greetings publicity message appeal eye wider congratulations amendment endeavor impetus courage note
^C63 (1286) meeting speech report question incident case problem decision result matter consensus area agreement forum reporter reason person statement morning remarks proposal campaign source afternoon post duties stance moment bill sources resolution interview wife choice letter gap bearing ii minds topic guidelines followers document briefing outline circular agenda burden accident breakthrough
^C64 (570) china japan russia india others europe marxism iraq israel mankind africa nato britain
^C65 (1201) military trade information armed water arms news business industrial space enterprise combat diplomatic land discipline tax nmd police living fighting labor grain productive cooperative export family oil stock material commercial propaganda press insurance energy smuggling reconnaissance customs cadre computer television individual satellite communications fair infrastructure drug telecommunications securities transportation collective
^C66 (1777) called developed hard concerned based responsible related difficult going speaking beneficial known faced limited coming planned mentioned dealing required growing determined integrated elected written essential participating happy compared listed marked guided calls combined operating headed judging moving needed relying oriented appointed apart revised selected prosperous linked applied concentrated closer satisfied
^C67 (408) according necessary continue able come strive decided continued went due willing came want began adhere expected conducive allowed agreed bound wants opposed trying tried returned try unable impossible likely failed ready continuing striving forced refused prior wanted begun adhering fail listen sentenced agree transferred contribute continues imperative conforms conform refuse
^C68 (68) be been become remain
^C69 (190) which but who what how thus especially why nor thereby whatever whom
^C70 (738) however second third therefore fourth meanwhile moreover fifth besides namely nevertheless hence otherwise sixth contrary furthermore consequently meantime reportedly secondly afterwards afterward benevolence nowadays i.e. likewise huai
^C71 (253) a an their its his no any her
^C72 (239) this some these those each another every
^C73 (1435) cooperation education technology stability policies exchanges environment supervision regulations weapons workers equipment culture community competition trust innovation globalization institutions politics abroad men civilization crisis efficiency property soldiers materials studies coordination treatment assistance innovations confrontation conflicts consultation sciences commerce disputes investors scholars individuals investments regulation values risks municipalities fees interference charges
^C74 (3321) rongji putin powell haotian bangzao yi yuxi jiabao koizumi jianxing guangsheng wannian bangguo chee qiyue mori rumsfeld quanyou qinghong pao huaicheng jian ju po peiyan shih annan blair chun jiechi hung guangen yongbo castro biden dynasty cohen raidi cheney mingqing sen shan ivanov zhubin helms hai barak jiyun obuchi singh
^C75 (223) and or
^C76 (342) two state other various western rural recent south several four few asian pacific north autonomous six european eight poor border seven coastal soviet african eastern minority asean numerous yasukuni ancient sovereign nine southern hundred latin arab neighboring northern thousand ten multiple northeast dozen
^C77 (50) out
^C78 (1033) problems issues conditions measures talks means struggle views foundation cases responsibility demand funds things points mechanism together relationship action methods impact opportunities plans concern reports attitude truth negotiations opinions ways crimes contacts challenges questions ahead factors differences ideas lies pressure actions meetings targets visits contradictions benefits preparations arrangements circumstances powers
^C79 (187) ,
^C80 (1223) taiwan bush tibet shanghai macao clinton cold guangdong xinjiang fujian xiamen shenzhen hainan guangzhou taipei sichuan nanjing zhejiang kosovo chongqing guangxi pntr liaoning jiangsu
^C81 (3347) xinhua 10 20 1 3 2 50 15 30 8 100 12 zxs 16 5 4 13 18 17 7 11 25 14 6 23 24 21 22 28 27 40 80 19 9 26 29 60 lien 31 200 1,000 300 10,000 70 king 500 renmin 90 zhongguo zts